I Survived My First Academic Residency

Who knew??  I was told that it would be an exhausting 5 days, and they were right!  All in all, it was a great experience, but I must say that hours of APA style and library research can get to you.  It really was bigger than that.  My cohort was a combination of Health Sciences and Education, which provided great insights into our discussions.  I have started thinking about dissertation topics, although I have some serious work to do in that area.  I met some really wonderful people and hope to carry those friendships with me for a long time.

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Wishing a fond farewell to a wonderful baby!  Mack came into our lives three months ago when his daddy took his own life and left him without someone to care for him and love him.  A co-worker told me about his predicament and Jim and I decided to try and make it work with our three babies.  Unfortunately, Mack is just like all Bulldogs and it just was not a great fit for our family.  Although he got along well with Boots, with Misty’s age, Hauns’ diabetes and subsequent blindness, it was just too difficult!  We were able to find Mack a wonderful new home through Great Rock Bulldogs.  He is with other bulldogs and has found a loving home.  We will miss you!

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Jim’s BIG Day! Happy 50th baby!

Jim & Aggie 052412

What an exciting and fun day!  Jim turns 50, but we all had a party!  What more could we ask for!?!  All the boys were home, we had go-cart racing, then dinner with family at Dukes Steakhouse!  Bob and Mona were here visiting and joined us for dinner along with Momma C.

Birthday Dinner

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The Greatest Christmas Present!

Christmas 2011

The first time we have had all the boys home for Christmas in such a long time…what an awesome gift this year.  It’s great that they all have their own lives, but I sure miss having them home together.  We all seem to slip right back into the old ways, the great conversations, the family love! I gave the greatest boys… all four of them 🙂

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Hanging out in Jamaica?

Chris & Jimmy in Jamaica June 2011

Chris & Jimmy in Jamaica June 2011

Jealous?  Hell yeah!  I can’t believe that Jimmy and Chris were hanging out in Jamaica… Life is incredible.   I am happy that they have such a great opportunity to vacation in such a beautiful place.

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My Best Bubby

This little guy has stolen my heart!  A visit to PetSmart for dog food and he was in a crate looking for someone to take him home.  How could I resist this little face?  I tried to reach Jim, but he was having breakfast with the guys before a Union meeting, so I sat with him for a while before deciding to take a picture with my phone and sending it to Jim.  “Look who’s up for adoption.”  He wasn’t exactly up for the idea of another dog, but my heart just wouldn’t allow me to leave him there.  Now, he’s my best bubby, he has a fur-ever home, and everyone loves him!

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